The following Rock and Water resources are now available from Rock and Water New Zealand Ltd.

If you would like to purchase any of the Rock and Water resources, please contact Rock and Water New Zealand at


Purchase an Implementation Pack (RW Posters, Perspectives theory book, Bringing it Together) for $218 plus GST and receive a FREE Rock and Water Memory Stick full of valuable resources including lesson plans (worth $46).

The Rock and Water Posters

These high quality, A2 sized posters are available as a pack of 18.

They cost $150.00 plus GST and postage ($8.50 NI, $16.00 SI).

These posters are crucial teaching resources for your Rock and Water programmes. They provide everyday awareness and reminders of the skills and values of Rock and Water.

The posters cover issues such as:

  • Bullying
  • Body language
  • Standing strong
  • Communication skills
  • Positive and negative comments
  • Reactions to aggression,
  • Fundamental Rock and Water skills.

Poster Pack : $150.00 + GST and postage
Postage: ($8.50 NI, $16.00 SI)

Tunnel and Beach poster shows the importance of body language to yourself and other people
The Rock and Water poster pack contains 18 posters
Body language poster showing most of our communication is non-verbal
Ropck and water bullies poster showing that bullies lack self-confidence and confident people don't put others down.

Rock and Water Resources Memory Stick

This Memory Stick contains materials that will support Rock & Water trained participants to enhance their Rock & Water facilitation as well as their approach to their school, agency or other settings. The Memory Stick includes Lesson Plans, Overview for Parents. Powerpoints, and other materials to make your Rock & Water program the highest standard possible.

$40 + GST and postage

The Rock and Water USB full of resources for facilitators to use

Rock and Water NZ Polo shirts

Rock and Water polo shirts are now available in both mens (S,M,L,XL) and womens (10,12,14) sizes. The shirts have an embroidered logo on the front and printed logo on the back. They are a great way to increase the visibility of the programme in your organisation…let’s face it – the orange stands out!

$39.90 (each) + GST and postage

The orange Rock and Water facilitator shirt

Rock and Water NZ strike pads

These top quality strike pads have double stitched seams for extra durability and are Dunlop foam filled. The two hand grips on the rear allow for easy use and versatility.

Each order of five units receives a free webbing strap to enable easy carrying of the pads.

1-9 units: $95 (each) + GST and postage
10+ units: $80 (each) + GST and postage

We can probably deliver free of charge in the Greater Wellington region.

Adults using the Rock and Water strike pads to practise kicking

Books, DVDs, Journals

The Bringing it Together book of case studies from Rock and Water programmes

Bringing it Together

This book presents 23 case studies of how Rock and Water has been implemented in various settings, such as primary schools, correctional institutions, large high schools, boys’ schools and co-ed schools.

$30 + GST and p+p

The theory book written by Freerk Ykema

The Rock and Water Perspective

A book written by Freerk Ykema (founder of the Rock and Water programme). The book contains basic ideas about the dynamics behind boys’ behaviours and links with the theoretical background information of the Rock and Water programme. Recommended for anyone interested in, or wanting to work with, the programme.

$38 + GST and p+p

Primary School School Wide workshop manual

This NEW manual contains over 200 games and exercises compiled into lesson plans for use with children from 5 – 12 years of age. New and existing exercises have been brought together in this easy to use, hard-backed book designed to make Rock and Water a fun and easy programme to teach.

Training manuals are only available to trained facilitators.

$72 + GST and p+p

The Starters Manual is given to participants attending an Introductory training

Introductory Workshop manual

This manual contains the exercises used within the one-day Introductory Workshop.

Training manuals are only available to trained facilitators.

$30 + GST and p+p

The Rock and water manual for the Focus on Girls and Women workshop

Focus on Girls and Women Workshop manual

This manual outlines the ten chapters of the programme Focus on Girls and women.

Training manuals are only available to trained facilitators.

$35 + GST and p+p

The manual for working with Children and Adults on the Autistic Spectrum

Rock and Water and Autism Spectrum Disorders

This workshop manual contains a wealth of advice and information for Rock and Water trainers working with children and adults living with ASD.

Training manuals are only available to trained facilitators.

$45 + GST and p+p

The training manual for the Accreditation training

Rock and Water Three Day training manual New Edition

These new manuals are available to Accredited Rock and Water trainers only. The manual content has been restructured, with additional exercises added.

Anyone wanting to facilitate a Rock and Water programme must have attended either a one-day, two-day or three day training.

Please contact Rock and Water New Zealand for more details or if you wish to purchase a manual.

$55 + GST and p+p

The Basic Exercises DVD

Basic Exercises DVD

Available as DVD or USB stuck, this resource contains the most important and challenging exercises in the Rock and Water programme. An invaluable reference resource for all Rock and Water facilitators.

$60 + GST and postage

The cover of the Rock and Water journal for students to write their reflections in

NEW Rock and Water Journal for students

The Rock and Water Journal is a new addition to the fantastic resources available. This is a great way for students to reflect on their Rock and Water learning and to be able to transfer this learning from the classroom to their living environments.

$8.50 (each) + GST and postage
$150 (20) + GST and postage

Further quantities and prices available – please email for details.

Rock and Water Student Journals 1 & 2

These new Student Journals are created to complement the new Accreditation manual. Student Journal One has reflection exercises for Lessons 1-15, and Student Journal Two has exercises for Lessons 16 – 24.

Please contact Rock and Water New Zealand for more details or if you wish to purchase multiple copies of journals.

$4.50 each + GST and p+p