The “NEW” One-day Introductory Workshop

The One-day Introductory Workshop covers the fundamental theory, games and exercises from the Rock and Water programme.

Trainees are provided with a high quality, 120-page manual (new for 2021) that illustrates the content covered as well as providing information and advice for implementing the programme. As with all Rock and Water trainings, this workshop is active, collaborative and a fantastic way to familiarise yourself or your staff with the Rock and Water programme and to begin to implement it into your work and life. The interactive nature of Rock and Water trainings also make them a fantastic team-building experience.

Topics covered

The Introductory training looks at ten main themes, including:

  • Standing strong (grounding, centering and focusing) – learning to stop and think before you respond; being calm under pressure; emotion regulation.
  • The Rock and Water attitudes (from a physical, mental and social perspective) – what does the Rock or Water attitude feel and sound like? How will others respond to my attitude chosen? When can I choose to use Rock or Water in my everyday life.
  • Body language – first impressions count!
  • Breathing strength exercises – calmness under pressure, clear thinking….able to make a choice.
  • Personal boundary awareness and effective anti-bullying exercises – we all have our boundaries, how do we communicate them; how do we respect those of others?
  • Verbal Communication skills – we can choose our language and tone to suit the situation.
The cover of the Starters Manual

Optional closed (in-house) one-day training

Closed one-day trainings are for schools, organisations and clusters. The cost includes 15 one-day manuals, the Rock and Water Theory book and the Rock and Water Basic Exercises USB. We can train up to 60 as a group. The one-day training is a fantastic team-building experience, a great way to generate whole staff understanding and to get the programme running in your school, organisation or community.

Contact Robin Schofield to discuss your needs and options for Closed workshops.

2024 Workshops

We are able to organise Introductory workshops at short notice (minimum numbers apply).

Please contatc us if you would like an Introductory workshop in your area or for your organisation.

If you would like to attend an Introductory workshop in your area please let us know. We are happy to schedule workshops in rural areas etc, but require minimum numbers for workshops to proceed.

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one boy holding up another student as he leans on him - needs to be strong and focused to do it.
Happy trainees showing their certificates
Two females preparing to find their strength and face a challenge